Car rental

We will help choose and book your car rental for you, with criteria’s based on your villa location, some villas may only be accessible with a 4 wheel-drive vehicle for example, some other villas may have narrow parking lots or narrow accessible roads. We will direct you into choosing the right car for your lifestyle too. Keeping our promise in making everything in our power to provide you with a relaxing holidays, you won’t need to lose time at the airport filling in car rental paper-work ! Your rental car will already be waiting for you parked at your villa, we will pre-fill all necessary paper-work for you so you will only have to sign it, turn the ignition key and off you go discovering St Barth.

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Boat rental

Most foreign citizens do not require a boat driver’s license in St Barth, motor boats up to 34 feet do not require the help of a professional skipper if you’ve ever driven a motor boat. Discovering the breathtaking turquoise blue bays of St Barth by boat is quite an unforgettable experience, no matter if you need a smaller or a bigger boat, skippered or not, we will help you choose and book your rental boat suiting your request and criteria’s, and even organize your lunch basket on the boat or on the beach for you. Anchoring at Colombier Bay will certainly provide you with the presence of green turtles around your boat, and for the luckiest ones you may encounter a dolphins or even whales between January and April.

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